M2M Services One global 3G network. One global SIM.

Satellite M2M:

the Inmarsat advantage

  • A single global network
    One network, one price, one SIM.
    No roaming charges.
  • High availability
    Ubiquitous coverage and 99.9% network
    availability so you can reach devices in even
    the most remote and inhospitable locations.
  • Reliable connection
    Resilient in extreme weather conditions.
  • Global opportunity
    Maximise revenue by opening up regions
    previously inaccessible to 3G networks.
    Win contracts that require global service.
  • Flexible data
    The demand for higher data rates and
    volumes is growing. Satellite M2M solutions
    are scalable from bytes to gigabytes.
  • Convenience
    Rapidly deployable, easy to set up and
    suitable for long-term unmanned
  • Seamless integration
    Easy to integrate. No special software
    required. Interfacing from IP is simple
    and straightforward.
  • Cost-effective
    Off-the-shelf solutions and simple airtime
    packages available. Compares especially
    well with the option of extending terrestrial
    networks to remote sites.
  • Dynamic resource allocation
    Inmarsat’s geostationary satellites can
    dynamically allocate additional capacity to
    areas of high demand. This ensures network
    access during disasters, media events or
    other peaks.
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