Inmarsat BGAN Link

Global, reliable broadband data service designed to provide high monthly volumes of always-on Standard IP data for sustained periods of operation

BGAN Link is our reliable, affordable broadband service designed for long-term operation in one location. The service is offered on an all-you-can eat basis, with one monthly fee, making it easy to budget for your project’s communications requirements. And because BGAN Link is powered by our global L-band satellite network with 99.9% availability across the satellite and ground network, you can be assured of dependable, always on connectivity, whenever, and wherever your project require1 All-you-can-eat broadband

  1. All-you-can-eat broadband data – subject to a 30GB fair
    use policy
  2. Cost control – BGAN Link is
    charged at one fixed monthly
    price so you can easily budget
    comms expenditure for your
  3. Global, reliable service – deploy
    BGAN Link and get reliable
    connectivity anywhere your
    project needs with 99.9%
    availability over our I-4 network
  4. Low power – terminals
    that access BGAN Link are
    lightweight, have low power
    consumption and can run off
    mains, batteries or through
    solar panels
  5. Easy to set up – BGAN Link can
    be deployed in minutes and
    doesn’t need specially trained
    staff to operate

H.M.S. Telecom, LLC offers a full-range of Inmarsat’s BGAN products and solutions including BGAN Link equipment and services.

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