Iridium / Iridium Pilot

Arctic Solution

Client operating in the Arctic, above the Arctic Circle needed a communications solution requiring voice and small quality-control data feed for their seismic exploration program. Operating above the Arctic Circle limits communications options and provides unique challenges. The solution was Iridium and their Iridium Pilot® providing three separate phone lines and 134 kbps bidirectional data with Iridium OpenPort broadband service


Remote Access

Client operating in remote rural locations without access to cellular or landline networks, needed a solution to bring the office to the field. The solution was Inmarsat’s IsatHub offering reliable voice and data connections for up to five (5) smartphones, laptops or tablets on Inmarsat’s Global Network. Talk, text and Internet access and apps beyond cellular and fixed networks. The service is accessed from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android tm device through the downloadable control app. The app provides easy set-up assistance and full control over your access to the IsatHub service with visible data usage for each device connected to the IsatHub terminal. When the world is your office - We keep you connected. H.M.S. Telecom, LLC