Iridium Edge Pro

Iridium Edge Pro

The Iridium Edge Pro, A standalone Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) device offering real-time GPS tracking capabilities and remote monitoring in a flexible programming platform to develop, create and implement custom applications and solutions. A perfect solution for remote monitoring and tracking, fisheries vessels, fleet management and a variety of remote monitoring applications.

Key Benefits

Low Latency Solution – Always on connection providing an ideal solution for IoT, IIoT and M2M applications, services and solutions.

Reliable True-Global Coverage – Worldwide service – Anywhere on the planet

Highly Mobile Solution – Compact, reliable and easily deployable solution. Ideal for agriculture, fisheries, oil and gas, mining, transportation. Remote monitoring and tracking for vehicles and remote assets anywhere on the planet.

Iridium Edge Pro Features

  • True Global Coverage
  • Quick partner (VAR) development using Java
  • Common services including geofencing, event logging and position reporting
  • Easily paired with cellular solutions using programmable interfaces Standalone finished product for GPS tracking
  • Programming over the air
  • Low-cost development kits available
  • Eclipse based IDE and Virtual Device emulators


  • BLE, CANBus, and USB Interfaces
  • (2) x Analog or Digital Output
  • (2) x Digital Input or Output

Intenal Sensors

  • Accelerometer
  • Temperature Sensor
  • GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou

Iridium Short Burst Data Solutions

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