Iridium Edge Solar – Solar-Powered Programable Short Burst Data (SBD) Device

Iridium Edge Solar – Solar-Powered Programable Short Burst Data (SBD) Device

Iridium Edge Solar Is a solar-powered, Short Burst Data (SBD) standalone, programable device offering GPS Tracking, Local Wireless Sensor and Bluetooth Communications capabilities. The Solar-powered device is self-charging, compact, reliable, long-field life and low maintenance. The device is over-the-air configuration. enabling the implementation of solutions and more complex solutions over time. The compact device is highly mobile and connectivity with the truly global Iridium Network allows implementation on a truly global basis in remote areas outside the reach of terrestrial networks.  Able to provide mobile connectivity to a variety of applications, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, and transportation anywhere on the planet around the globe. Enabling remote tracking and monitoring of vehicles and assets operating in remote areas.


  • Bluetooth capability for wireless sensor integration and local device connectivity Over-the-Air Configuration Changes
  • Compact and Reliable
  • Interval and Scheduled Reporting Modes
  • Start/Stop Reporting/In Motion Reporting
  • Fully Encapsulated, No External Connectors, Water Ingress Protected
  • Accelerometer and Magnetometer
  • LED Status Indicator
  • True Global Coverage

Power Management

  • Photovoltaic Solar Cells, Rechargeable and Primary Batteries
  • Smart Power Management System
  • Up to 3-year Shelf Life
  • Up to 10-Year Operational Service Life
  • Back-up battery capacity provides 2x per day reporting for up to 5 years with no solar availability
Iridium Edge Solar Data Sheet


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Iridium Edge Solar