Iridium Short Burst Data Services (SBD)

Iridium Short Burst Data Services (SBD)

Iridium Short Burst Data – Provides a reliable, simple and efficient network data transport of short data messages between a central host computer network and remote equipment. The service is implemented in a variety of industries and applications including Aeronautical, Government, Maritime, Oil and Gas, Rail and Utilities. Utilizing Iridium transceivers for transmission of short data transactions.

These services are now available in remote, and rural environments outside of the service of traditional terrestrial phone or cell service. True global coverage.


  • True Global Tracking of Aircraft and Helicopters
  • True Global Tracking of Maritime Vessels
  • Messaging Services
  • Asset Tracking
  • Critical Asset Protection Monitoring
  • Equipment monitoring Oil and Gas Pipelines and Infrastructure
  • Equipment monitoring and controls of utility distribution Electricity, Gas and Water
  • Fleet Management
  • Telemetry
  • Crew/Personnel Tracking and Safety
  • Remote Network monitoring
  • Oceanographic Monitoring
  • Security

The Iridium Short Burst Data Service:

  • True global coverage
  • Low-latency and near real-time data delivery
  • Low-cost next generation ultra-light transceivers
  • Smooth transition and forward compatibility to Iridium’s Next (Second Generation) satellite network, providing connectivity now and for decades to come.
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Iridium Short Burst Data