SATCUBE Terminal – Compact all-in-one terminal with a footprint the size of a large laptop delivering high-speed connectivity with quick access and connectivity in under a minute through a intuitive user interface. The compact terminal comes in at 8KG making a highly compact and transportable Satellite Broadband Terminal. Enabling for a range of uses:

  • Broadcast Media
  • First Responders (Emergency Response)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Safety
  • Telemedicine
  • NGO
  • Corporate
  • Government & Military

The SATCUBE Terminal is easily deployable as use as a Wi-Fi hotspot, high-speed broadband connection. Deployable in under a minute through Satcube’s user friendly intuitive interface. Bringing critical communications online quickly.

  • 8KG – All-in-one compact terminal design
  • High-Speed – Up to 20 Mbps – thought next-generation High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and wide-beam KU.
  • Connection in under a minute.
  • Flat Panel Array
  • Multiband LNB
  • Built-In modem – UHP-210, iDirect IQ-200 (Evolution and Velocity), Newtec-2510
  • Built-In Navigation – GPS, Electronic Compass, Gyro
  • Three (3) Swappable Batteries

Interactive Intuitive Interface

  • Guide User To Align Elevation
  • Guide User to Align Polarization
  • Guides User to Adjust Terminal Azimuth
  • Asks User to Turn on Transmission

Fully Integrated Modem Platforms

  • iDirect IQ-200 – Can be configured for both Evolution and Velocity Networks
  • Newtec 2510 – Compact size platform with Newtec’s patented Mx-DMA return link technology
  • UHP – 210 – A Universal Modulator and powerful IP router that is configurable in SCPC mode or complex TDM/TDMA or Hubless TDMA remote.
Satcube Ku datasheet

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