Intellian v45C – 45cm Maritime VSAT system

Intellian v45C – 45cm Maritime VSAT system Intellian v45C 45cm Maritime VSAT system


The Intellian v45C is a 45cm compact and light-weight maritime Ku-Band VSAT system. The unit is design for the maritime environment and built to deliver enhanced connectivity and performance to smaller boats and other vessels, such-as fishing boats, leisure/recreational boats, commercial and government vessels where reliable performance with an enhanced user experience in an antenna offering a combination of performance and value. Outstanding performance and value for wide range of communication requirements or onboard space constraints. The Intellian v45C delivers.

Compact and light-weight system is designed for ease of installation and reduced costs with a single cable design that combines Tx, Rx and DC power through one cable as a single cable solution. Connection of the single cable to the base of the radome without having to access inside the radome, makes for easier installation and reduced maintenance requirement. Single cable solution allows for a wide variety of cable lengths specific to the installation requirements.

AptusNX – Intellian v45C responsive web user-interface allows for the management and control of the antenna system. With intelligent installation Wizard to simplify and guide one through the system configuration to get up and connected quickly. The platform includes diagnosis function providing accurate and enhanced antenna performance tests either onboard or remotely. Improved performance and enhanced testing reduces on-board maintenance and helps to improve performance and reliability.

Intellian v45C Maritime VSAT system allows for choice in Ku-band service with a RF design that is optimized to provide and deliver best-in-class performance, efficiency and reliability. Designed to provide optimal performance on HTS and wide beam Ku-band satellites. Enhanced user experience  in a compact and light-weight form factor.

Intellian v45C Data Sheet

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