Thuraya MarineStar

Thuraya MarineStarThuraya MarineStar

Thuraya introduces a new flagship maritime voice terminal Thuraya MarineStar. Compact, rugged and scalable for use on small vessels up to larger vessels, offering throughout the Thuraya satellite footprint which covers some of the world’s busiest trade routes and fishing zones. Besides it’s ability to provide primary communications, it is well suited as back-up to radio, GSM and VSAT primary communication networks.

It incorporates several key applications including Alerts and Fish Catch Reporting  Geofencing, and Tracking, The Tracking service based on time, distance, speed and area. An SOS button is also included for use in emergencies.

Provides cost-effective, affordable maritime satellite service over the dependable Thuraya Satellite Network. Tracking and monitoring capabilities available through an intuitive interface, along with SMS and GmPRS services. A feature rich, compact and robust design. It is also able to interface and connect to a standard analogue telephone as an extension or part of an onboard PBX system.

Built for extreme marine environments and built to IEC 60945 standards to insure reliability and functionality. Its Over-the-Air (OTA) programing capabilities allow for extensive controls and updates to meet the service requirements.


  • Built to IEC 60945 standards
  • Circuited Switched Voice Service
  • Crew Welfare
  • Geofencing
  • High Quality Voice
  • Fish Catch Reporting
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Monitoring
  • OTA (Over The Air) Programming
  • PBX Connectivity
  • Push Button for Weather, News and Other Alerts
  • Service Add-On Tracking Application
  • SOS Alert
  • Tracking As A Service
  • Versatile Interface
  • RS232 and GPIO Interface for easy integration
  • Third Party Interface
  • Multiple Language Capabilities
Thuraya MarineStar

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Thuraya MarineStar