Intellian C700 – Iridium Certus Maritime Terminal

Intellian C700 – Iridium Certus Maritime Terminal

Intellian C700 – Iridium Certus based Maritime Satellite Terminal developed to provide a range of applications including bridge communications, safety communications, crew welfare communications. These are offered on the Truly Global Iridium Satellite Network.

In addition to communications a connected ship with the availability of the IoT (Internet-of-Things) for engine monitoring, diagnosis, controls and reporting.

Designed by Intellian for a long-service life in the harsh maritime environment in a rugged compact format; that is easy to install, program, use and maintain. Service provided over the fastest L-Band service offering by Iridium. The Intellian C700 – Maritime Terminal will deliver up to 352kbps transmission and 704kbps reception speeds. For Tankers, Container Ships, OSVs, Fishing Vessels, Cruise and Ferry Lines as well as Leisure Boats, all will benefit from the latest Iridium Certus Maritime Terminal by Intellian.

  • Powerful 12 (Twelve) Element Patch Phased-Array Antenna
  • Low Angle Enhanced Antenna Performance – For Rough Seas
  • Single Coaxial Antenna Cable
  • GMDSS Ready
  • DHCP Server Embedded
  • Enhanced Cyber-Security – Built-In Firewall
  • H2 Antenna Amplifier
  • 3 (Three) High-Quality Voice Lines
  • Soft PBX Function
  • Up to 16 SIP Handsets
  • Solid State – Reliability
  • Short Burst Data
  • GMDSS Ready
  • 3 Years Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 4 Port Ethernet (LAN) PoE and WAN
  • Intellian Optimized as VSAT Backup Solution
Intellian C700

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Intellian C700 - Iridium Certus Maritime Terminal