Pendragon Cybersecurity Requirement Standard introduced by IMO (International Maritime Organization)

IMO Basis for inclusion in a Cybersecurity Plan Include the following Parts to Be included.

  1. Identify
  2. Protect
  3. Detect
  4. Respond
  5. Recover


  1. Identify Onboard Systems (Complete Inventory onboard)
    1. Make
    2. Model
    3. Version
    4. Software Updates
    5. Supplier
    6. Firmware
  2. Cybersecurity – Security Against Cyber Threats
    1. Harden Systems Against Cyber Threats
    2. Cybersecurity Against Cyber Threats
      1. Potential Threats
        1. Terrorism
        2. Hacker Activist Groups
        3. Nation States
        4. Insider Attacks
        5. Cyber Criminal (Hackers)
  3. Recovery – Procedures and Processes For Recovery of Ship’s Systems
    1. Detailed Work Arounds, Procedures In Place
  4. Yearly Incident Drill
    1. Crew Training and Incident Drills (At Least Yearly)

Pendragon is an all-in-one cybersecurity solution to aid with compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IM) 2021 IMO Cybersecurity Requirement Standard.

System Vulnerabilities

  1. Bridge Systems (Shipboard)
  2. Propulsion Systems
  3. Machinery Systems
  4. Cargo Handling Systems
  5. Communications
  6. Passenger Systems
  7. Access Control Systems
  8. Administration Systems
  9. Crew Welfare

Isotropic Pendragon™

Pendragon™ is the all-in-one solution that
exceeds the 2021 IMO Standard. It
empowers end users with total network
visibility and command through an intuitive,
easy-to-use hardware interface. It allows you
to go beyond compliant and achieve the
certainty that your IT, operating technology
systems, and crew are proactively
monitoring and anticipating cyber-attacks
and are prepared to resolve issues quickly
should a system be compromised.


Pendragon – Cybersecurity

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