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Iridium offers a wide range of IoT and M2M solutions. Iridium IoT and M2M solutions delivered on a truly global basis at one competitive price globaly. Iridium’s solutions provide machine-to-machine technology in which millions of data transmissions with Internet of Things connectivity throughout the globe. This provides organizations the power to monitor, track and manage emergency operations, energy grids, enterprise fleets, just-in-time inventories, natural processes, personnel deployments, remote infrastructure. To extend their reach beyond traditional terrestrial networks enabling more informed decisions through access to real-time data. Reduce costs, increased efficiency and optimized operations. Protection of critical assets and valuable equipment through a truly global tracking and monitoring solutions. These services are now available in remote, and rural environments outside of the service of traditional terrestrial phone or cell service. True global coverage.

  • True global coverage
  • Low-latency and near real-time data delivery
  • Low-cost next generation ultra-light transceivers
  • Smooth transition and forward compatibility to Iridium’s Next (Second Generation) satellite network, providing connectivity now and for decades to come.

Iridium 9602 IoT & M2M