Inmarsat Fleetbroadband


Service Overview
Inmarsat FleetBroadband is the first “Truly” global maritime communications service. It incorporates simultaneous broadband voice, and data service. FleetBroadband provides offers technology leading state-of-the-art IP based capability. This allows unprecedented new level of control for managing your fleet communications with connectivity between your vessels and shore, regardless of position of sea conditions. FleetBroadband offers cost-effective, reliable, fast and easy to use, manage and always available broadband communications solution. Your solution for email, internet, corporate network(s) and voice services on a “Truly” global level; seamless Global coverage utilizing Inmarsat” latest I-4 Satellite Constellation.

Inmarsat Fleetbroadband TERMINALS:
FB150 – Entry-Level service for small to medium vessels. Standard IP up to 150kbps
FB250 – Standard IP to 284kbps and Streaming IP
FB500 – Standard IP to 432kbps and Streaming IP up to 256kbps

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