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VSAT Distance Learning enables the distribution of educational programming and reference services to a wide variety of institutions throughout the globe. Distance learning services offer educational institutions, educators, doctors, corporate training coordinators and others the ability to bring the classroom or conference to others through the use of virtual classrooms. Where technology brings the classroom to the field, meshing audio, video, reference materials and interactive learning programs through the satellite network. These technologies are adaptable to a wide variety of requirements of the most demanding learning programs and clients.
• Audio
• Flexibility
• Innovation
• Interactive
• Video
• Virtual Classroom

These services can be provided through a number of satellite-based solutions from simple one-way data streams to complex multipoint two-way audio-visual real-time applications. Distance Learning is a solution whose time has come to bring people together in the pursuit of education and development. Distance is no longer a deterrent to educational excellence, when the student can’t be brought to the classroom, the virtual classroom can be brought to the student.
Distance Learning technology has the ability to leverage education assets and bridge the gap between Urban and Rural education opportunities. Learning has no boundaries, distance learning brings the classroom to the student, no matter where that student or students reside on-land or at sea. Bring the virtual classroom to where you need it, anywhere, anytime. Ease of setup, fully deployable and secure. Distance Learning options from H.M.S. Telecom, LLC.


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