Thuraya WE – Satellite & LTE Hotspot

Thuraya WE – Satellite & LTE Hotspot.Thuraya WE

Thuraya WE is a Dual-Mode Satellite & LTE Hotspot providing both satellite and terrestrial coverage in one single solution. Automatically connect between Satellite and LTE coverage with a push of a button. Connect up to 10 (Ten) Smart Devices to share the internet with a range up to 100 feet or more away. A Single SIM dual-mode hotspot which allows ease of access between Satellite and LTE Terrestrial service.

All this with a click of a button utilizing Thuraya’s  mobile app and/or web interface. For either automatic or manual network selection. Providing the ability to automatically switch from the default network to another network once out of coverage range or manually select through the mobile app or web interface.

Turns Smart Devices into Satellite phones allowing Satellite Calls and SMS when the Satellite mode is selected.

Satellite and LTE Service in a lightweight, compact and robust unit, offering voice and data connectivity in a single ease of use solution. When staying connected is important; stay connected through a dual-mode Satellite & LTE connection using your smart device to make calls, SMS and data connections. Turning any area into a mobile Hotspot with service up to and further than 30 (Thirty) meters, 100 foot plus radius.

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