Iridium IoT

Iridium Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Iridium’s Internet of Things (IoT) offers the only truly-global IoT solutions with true global coverage, leading technology and an array of equipment, products and services to the ever expanding global Internet of Things market. With true global coverage, Iridium’s (IoT) equipment, products and services allows the rapid deployment of cost-effective ruggedly designed and easily integrated solutions to remote and often inaccessible locations far outside the reach of traditional terrestrial telecommunication services.

  • True Global Coverage
  • Low-Latency
  • Near Real-Time Communication
  • Rugged Transceivers
  • Cost Effective – Low Cost – Light-Weight Transceivers For a Variety of Applicants
  • Compatible With NEXT Generation Iridium Satellite Network
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Managing
  • Security
  • Extended Reach Beyond Traditional Terrestrial Networks Internet of Things
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