Iridium GO! – True Global Coverage

Iridium GO! powered by Iridium’s truly global network. A compact, rugged and portable device capable of providing voice and data communications on up to five smartphones, laptops or tablets. It is App driven with Iridium-optimized applications available to download and install on Apple® and Android™ devices.
Turn your Apple, Android smartphone, laptop or tablet into a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world on a truly global satellite network. Reliable voice and data for up to 5 mobile devices with connectivity within an approximate 30-meter (100 foot) radius, through the use of Optimized Applications.

• Voice calls
• Email access
• Applications
• Social networking
• Photo sharing
SMS two-way
GPS tracking
• SOS alert

Compact and rugged design delivering truly global performance through convenient applications for connecting a variety of devices. When the world is your office, it keeps you connected, wherever that office may be.