ASE CIT-03 EXT – Anti-Piracy Satellite Phone


ASE CIT-03 EXT = Anti-Piracy Satellite Phone Complete Global Solution. It is a easy to install at any distance onboard the vessel through the use of a small rugged and covert mounting system with GPS with both periodic and emergency reporting which is programmable and easily configured key function variables “over-the-air”. Provides back-up voice communications for the Captain and/or crew. The unit ASE-MC05G an Iridium Outdoor Terminal with Antenna is Maritime Certified IEC 60945. The unit is easily pole or rail mounted on a vibration mount. The system is powerful, rugged and compact and is available in a white or black outer shell. It utilizes a POTS Telephone (Corded) with the ability to add an additional Captain’s phone to the system. The RJ11 cable can be extended up to 3km, which provides the ability to located the phone(s) almost anywhere. In additional the unit comes with with either a 45 or 100M Antenna Cable for easy single cable installation. The unit has an optional battery backup system with up to 100 hours backup in powered/active state. Designed for marine application and the unit exceeds IMO BMP4 Anti-Piracy.

  • Operating Voltage – 24-36 VDC
  • Operating Temperature Range -40o to +70o C
  • Outdoor IEC 60945


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