Tropical Storm Gordon Strenghens As A Hurricane Warning Is Issued For Central Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Gordon – Hurricane warning has been issued for the Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Storm Gordon strengthens as it passes Florida. Florida was hit with heavy rains and strong winds as the Tropical Storm Gordon rapidly strengthened overnight as it passed over South Florida. It is anticipated to continue to strengthen in the Gulf as it moves its way to the Central Gulf coast. The National Hurricane Center has issued a Hurricane Warning as the storm is predicted to strengthen to hurricane strength before land-fall. Where hurricane conditions and a storm-surge warning has been issued in addition for coastal communities. Tropical Storm Gordon is anticipated to arrive ashore the central Gulf Coast Tuesday as the storm has not only rapidly strengthened but moved rapidly across the eastern Gulf. The storm is expected to impact the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Gulf coast with heavy rains, where totals could rise to 9 or more inches of rainfall in addition to high-winds and storm-surge.
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Tropical Storm Gordon Moves Into Gulf of Mexico! Constant Contact

Tropical Storm Gordon Hurricane Warning