Iridium CERTUS Special Introduction Pricing!

Iridium Certus 04172019


Iridium CERTUS
Iridium Certus is Iridium’s new, next generation multi-service satellite
communications platform delivered through the new upgraded Iridium satellite
constellation. Truly global reach, Iridium Certus extends and expands the
mobile satellite communications market over the aviation, government, IoT,
land, mobile and maritime market segments with new voice and data services
on a truly global basis for individuals, enterprises and governments.
Iridium Certus delivers satellite communications over a strong multi-service
platform. Now one terminal can provide a wide-range of services from high
throughput L-band data connections to multiple high-quality voice lines that
allow for simultaneous operations to maximize business efficiency.

Services include:

  • Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Route Service (AMSRS)
  • Background IP Data Services
  • Streaming IP Data Services
  • High Quality Voice Services
  • Messaging Services
  • Safety Services
  • Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)*
  • IMO recognition received in 2018. Expected service introduction by

Iridium CERTUS Special Introduction Pricing!

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