Iridium Certus® Cashback Promotion

AST Iridium Certus® Cashback PromotionIridium Certus Cashback Promotion

Promotional credit for swap out of Iridium or selected hardware

AST Iridium Certus Cashback Promotion. Swap out your existing Iridium Pilot or selected hardware and move to Iridium Certus® 200 or Iridium Certus® 700 airtime plans from AST, with either a 24-month or 36-month commitment, to receive up to $5,500* promotional credit to use towards Iridium Certus® hardware or airtime.

  • Available on selected Iridium Certus® 200 & 700 airtime plans
  • Up to $5,500* promotional credit
  • Includes upgrade from Iridium Pilot / Iridium Open-Port

This is a limited time offer so don’t delay switching to Iridium Certus® with AST today!

*Terms and Conditions apply

AST Iridium Certus Cashback Promotion


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Thales Vesselink 200

Intellian C700

COBHAM SAILOR 4300 (Maritime)