“Intellian Launches Higher Power Gx Terminal For High Throughput Customers”

Intellian, the world’s leading provider of satellite communication antenna systems, announced the launch of the GX100HP, a 1m Global Xpress terminal designed with a higher power 10W GaN BUC option.

The GX100HP is a 1m Ka-band maritime terminal that is type approved for use on Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network and for its maritime Fleet Xpress service. The increased BUC output power to 10W on the Ka band supports greater throughput in response to customer requests to push even more traffic through the network.

The increase in BUC power allows a higher level of bandwidth, with upload speeds of 5Mbps and over 10Mbps download capability on Fleet Xpress service. These faster speeds help support the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth by key users in the oil and gas sector, commercial ships, superyachts, cruise and ferry operators and governments.

The GX100HP can also be used in a dual antenna configuration using the Intellian GX Mediator to mitigate blockage from any vessel obstructions.”

Intellian GX100HP