Gulf of Mexico Tropical Disturbance Getting More Organized – Tropical Storm Warnings Likely

Gulf of Mexico Tropical Disturbance Getting More Organized – Tropical Storm Warnings LikelyTropical Storm Claudette

Tropical Storm Claudette Formation Possible. The current disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico is growing more organized and is likely to turn into a Tropical Depression by Friday. This disturbance is likely to bring very-heavy rains and flash-flooding to the Central Gulf Coast as early as Friday. The system is becoming more organized and sending heavy rains over Central America and Southern Mexico. It has the potential to develop into a Tropical or Sub-Tropical Depression by early Friday and develop into Tropical Storm Claudette by Friday or Saturday before making landfall on the Central Gulf Coast. Conditions are slightly favorable for further development with moderately warm waters along with very moist atmosphere and relative humidity in mid-levels around 75%. Heavy rains are projected to be the main threat and resulting flash-flooding accompanying the heavy rain.

If this disturbance develops into Tropical Storm Claudette, it will be the third named start of the early 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season. In anticipation of the development of the disturbance whether it forms into a Tropical Storm or not, advisories have been issued in Louisiana. A State of Emergency was issued by the Louisiana Governor in response to expected heavy rains and other effects from the Tropical Disturbance or possible formation of Tropical Storm Claudette. In any event a heavy rain event with resulting flooding and flash-flooding are anticipated to hit over the weekend.



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