Disaster Recovery 2020

Disaster Recovery 2020Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery In today’s world, there is increasing emphasis on IT/Telecommunications. Proper contingency planning and the acquisition of the proper assets and services to implement the plan can help in preparing and recovering from both man-made and natural disasters. It is essential that proper planning and testing is conducted to help insure that valuable and critical telecommunication and IT services are not lost during disasters.

  • Business Continuity
  • Critical Site Redundancy
  • Data Backup
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Fail-Over Service(s)
  • Fixed-Site
  • Full IP Functionality and Services
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Mobile (Transportable Command Center)
  • Virtual PBX
  • VSAT – Auto-Point, Fixed, Portable,

Disaster Recovery – It is essential part of your overall recovery program to ensure your mission critical communications are backed-up and secured. Ensure that your critical business
communications are maintained during and after an emergency. Our company offers a full-range of emergency communication, emergency communications and business continuity packages, equipment, services and solutions. Properly planning, training and review is essential.

We offer solutions to help insure critical telecommunication and data services are maintained. By providing critical IP communications with fail-over to insure that critical functions are maintained, independent of local telecommunication services.

Disaster Recovery 2020

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